10/03/2012 News

Of all things, it is hump day and the debate is on – literally.  Regardless of your affiliation, pay attention to the issues, try to find the facts in all the hype, and then get out to vote in the upcoming Presidential election.  Too many people have sacrificed for us to be able to do this simple process, so we should at least make the attempt to do our best.  In other news this week,


  • Factory Five Racing announced the winner of the Factory Five-Powerblock Sweepstakes, as well as provided an update on the Car Warriors show on the Speed Channel that will air on Thursday  and again on Friday.  For more information visit www.factoryfive.comFactory Five Racing is the world’s largest manufacturer of component car kits located in Wareham, Maaschusetts.


  • Volant Cool Air Intakes our of California have announced their VORTICE Throttle Body Spacer for the ’09-2012 Dodge Ram 5.7L engine is now available. With a reported retail price of $50, the kit includes the nylon composite throttle body spacer, gasket, and hardware to complete installation in 15-20 minutes. For more information, visit www.volant.com.    Volant Cool Air Intakes provide a variety of producst for the Cool Air Intake Market.


  • Auto Meter announces this week that they now have new GM Factory Match gauges for the ’96-2007 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra HD trucks.  The gauges feature Hi-Def LED and glowing orange pointers for the Boost Pressure, Fuel Rail Pressure, Pyrometer/EGT, and Transmission Temperature.  For more information contact Auto Meter at www.autometer.comAuto Meter is a manufacturer of high quality performance aftermarket instumentation.


  • Circuit of the Americas announced this week that the Austin, Texas, facility will host a MotoGP event on April 19-21, 2013, as part of the motorcycle World Championship series that is based on 18 races in 13 countries with global television coverage to over 200 countries.  For more tickets or more information on the MotoGP event, visit www.motogp.comMotoGP is the oldest motorsport World Chamipship in existance, first established in 1949.


  • Circuit of Americas continues to promote the upcoming 2012 Formula 1 United States Grand Prix this November 16-18, 2012 at the 3.4 mile circuit track located in Austin, Texas.  For tickets or more information visit www.CircuitofTheAmericas.com.


  • An interesting ‘conversation’ popped up on Hemmings Daily regarding the Neil Armstrong Corvette.  There is a team that is working to ‘preserve’ the car the way it was when Armstrong last owned it, which appears to be somewhat different than a restoration effort.  Of course the car has to be, using my terms, restored first to the condition that it was in when Armstrong traded it in.  So if it is restored first, can it be truly preserved by definition?  There are some interesting comments at Hemmings Daily . Once you have had a chance to check it out, let us know what you think on our Facebook page at Texas Automotive News Network.

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